Anthony Onah Films
Gimme Grace Gimme Grace

2010 | Super 35mm – Color – 12 Mins

Nicky and Lakeith, two troubled young men from very different walks of life, collide in the course of a mugging on Manhattan’s Lower East Side.

True Colors True Colors, An Anthony Onah Film

2010 | HD SLR – Color – 8 Mins

As Jacob and Emily negotiate their ideal wedding guest list, it becomes clear they have differing opinions about who makes the cut.

The Cure The Cure

2008 | Super 35mm – Color – 8 Mins

A single mother at a new job, Joy is pulled into a medical insurance nightmare when her young son is badly injured in an accident.


Keepers Keepers

2008 | Super 16mm – Color – 7 Mins

An illegal Nigerian immigrant is pursued through downtown Los Angeles and finally forced to make a decision that will change her life forever.

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